How to make an amazing case study about your work.

The best case studies tell us a story about the amazing work that you did to help your client. It's a satisfying task to look back at your previous work and retrace your steps from start to finish. Let's look at an example.

The Marshall Strawberry project was a unique endeavor in collaboration with artist Leah Gauthier. Scroll through the slides below.

The questions we had to ask ourselves before designing our case studies were the following:

1) What problem did we solve? What did the client need?
2) How did we do it? What was our unique approach?
3) What were the amazing results?

From there, we could tell the story from an outside perspective, making it easy for anyone to understand the work we do. And it's also important that the case studies are well-designed, because everything should be! Taking the time to create powerful summaries of your work help create a long lasting archive of your work that solidifies your brand and tells the story of what you do while you are not there to explain it.

Take a look at our other Kind Aesthetic case studies here. Good luck with yours and let us know if you need help telling your brand story!

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