How to label your art work.

Artists, here is a comprehensive guide to labeling your art work–on your website, for example! When thinking about your archive, it's recommended to keep things clear, visible and consistent, according to New York art advisor, Amy Snyder. "I think it's very important for artists to stick to this standard formatting to make it as easy as possible for gallerists, curators, and collectors find the details they need at a quick glance. It's so annoying to have to go looking for the basic information when it's buried, for example, in a narrative paragraph. Using this format demonstrates that you're a professional who knows what she's doing!"

Read below to see the guide and also check out this amazing DELVE service we are offering in partnership with Amy: DELVE into the Art World! During this personalized session you will assess and prioritize your professional goals as a fine artist and zero-in on the steps to achieving them with the guidance of an NYC based expert.

According to Amy, the convention for giving the details for a work of art are:
Line 1: Artist Name
Line 2: Title, Date
Line 3: Media
Line 4: Dimensions in inches (Dimensions in cm) [Almost always these are the unframed dimensions; if providing the framed dimensions, that should be indicated. Also for a photograph or print it is not unusual to provide 2 dimensions – one for the image size and one for the paper size.]
Line 5 (if appropriate): Edition X of X [If the piece is a monoprint or unique photograph, you might want to put the word "Unique" on this line.]
Line 6 (optional): If the piece is signed, stamped, dated, numbered, you can note what information there is and where it is located (recto or verso). For example, "Signed and dated on verso."
Line 7: Price [It's worthwhile for a work on paper or photograph to indicate in parentheses if the price given is framed or unframed.] 

Thanks, Amy, for sharing your expert knowledge! Artists, feel free to get in touch with us if you are interested in learning more about DELVE into the Art World and how this personal consultation can help you!


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