Your website: does it open up doors of communication?

As you know, your website is an incredibly effective and important tool for your art practice and creative business. Beautiful, well-maintained, current sites evoke confidence in your work, in you, and open up doors of communication. We liken it to looking at a neighborhood of homes. Your ideal audience is more likely to want to walk up to the front door of a home that looks clean, has a beautiful yard, and doesn't have too many winding paths and obstacles that prevent them from ringing the door bell. The same idea applies to your site: you want to give your viewers an accurate and positive sense of who you are right off the bat. Don't be a mystery!

Here are a few ways to assure that your website is working for you, not against you:

  • Include a photograph of yourself, your team and/or your establishment. We know that solopreneurs and artists can be shy, but posting a nice, professional photograph of yourself on your website will immediately make people more comfortable reaching out to you.
  • Don't make people click too much. Operate on the assumption that your audience does not have a lot time, so make it easy for people to see the work that you want them to see at a glance. Too many clicks might make your audience give up and move on.
  • Make it easy to understand what your work really looks like. We may have said this a million times already, but gorgeous images of your work are a must for any successful website. But if your work is better seen in context or in detail, be sure to share these images as well!  And don't forget to label your work and add descriptions as necessary. Better to be overly descriptive than to assume your audience knows what they are looking at.

Go check out your website and see if those three things are happening. If you are still unsure if your website is up to par, check out our DELVE Website Consultation. It's a sure way to get some outside, constructive feedback on how your site reads to your ideal audience.


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