I don't know how to explain what I do. Hint: write first!

Is that a familiar thought that runs through your head? Join the many artists, creatives and small business owners who are so busy and have trouble seeing how others see their work. It's really hard, and there is no shame in that! So, let's work on it.

Here are tips to get your tongue untied and your networking skills into shape:

1. Write it all out first. Make three short lists:

  • I do this/my services are... (what do you want to be paid to do?)
  • I work for... (who is your ideal client?)
  • I am unique because... (what unique qualities does your work and professional history have, and how are you different from your competition?)

These are the three points you need to hit when explaining what you do. Don't just say you're a painter. Tell us what kind of unique painter you are. Don't just tell the crowd that you are a designer. What kind of design and where does it thrive?

2. Practice. Once you have your pitch down that explains what you do and why you are unique, you have to practice it until it feels natural. Practice it in this order: in the mirror, on your pet or a bird outside, a family member, a friend... and then take it out on the town.

3. Understand your audience and curate your experiences. We know you may be so creative that you act, paint, sing, cook and write, and you have done this all professionally while fashion modeling. But all of these skills may not be relevant to your target audience. Who are you talking to? Gear your pitch towards them so that they will remember you and want to hire you. They don't need your whole life story... unless they ask. And even then, curate your story.

4. Know and understand that you are indeed unique. It's absolutely true.

Good luck everyone! Remember, if you need help with this, let us know. We developed the DELVE Toolkit just for this purpose: to give you the confidence, marketing materials and know how to spend less time worrying about telling people about what you do and more time on your work. BONUS: we're currently having a sale through 10/15/15. Take advantage of us! We are here to help. Email us to set up your free 20 minute call to see if we are a good fit.

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