Feeling genuine in your writing and marketing

It's really hard to sit down and write about ourselves and what we do. If you are close to your work like most artists and small business owners are, it can be almost impossible to see what your audience sees and figure out a way to get your story out in a genuine way. That is where we step in: we help you see what you can't see. We will help you get specific, pat you on the back and feel in charge of the story you are sharing in your marketing materials.

How can you steer clear of feeling phony when it comes to marketing your artistic and creative work? There is one answer: identify why you are unique and amazing and who you are talking to. All of the other stuff will spill out once you have this under your belt. Getting to the core points of your unique story and identifying your ideal audience is hard work, however. Here are some ideas to get you in the right mindset:

  • Write out your entire relevant professional history. Your path and experiences matter!
  • Why do you do it? Why are you good at it? Pay attention to what others say about your work.
  • Look at your peers and observe how they tell their stories. There's always room for collaboration in our book, no competition. What do you do that is different?
  • What does your ideal audience need? What are they looking for that you can provide?

Once you feel good about the story you are telling to your ideal audience, you will have a clearer path for all of the other marketing tasks– everything from your identity, email marketing, social media activity and in-person networking. That way, you can concentrate on the work you want to be doing. Let us know if you need a jump start or are feeling stumped. We help artists and creative entrepreneurs achieve their goals by helping them create beautiful, genuine marketing materials




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