Take action on presenting and communicating your best work to the world: in person, online and in writing.

Back by popular demand: THE ANNUAL DELVE TOOLKIT SALE!
Contact us to get 10% off any DELVE Toolkit package through 10/15/15.
Sign up now and begin anytime before the end of 2015.

The catch: we only have room for ten new artists or creative entrepreneurs to join the DELVE community.

September is a great time for new beginnings, and we want to give you a chance to get on track to achieving your professional goals by helping you focus on your work for four weeks or more. With a 100% happiness rate with all of our DELVE Toolkit clients, we are confident that spending the time working with us will:

  • give you greater insight and confidence into how you talk and write about your work to your ideal audience
  • get you organized, motivated and ready to apply for any opportunity
  • assure you that your work looks beautiful and all of your visuals work for you, not against you


  • 10% off is actually a savings of up to $300. (Take advantage!)
  • The DELVE Toolkit is for people in all stages of their careers and all ages. We create customized one-on-one productive experiences with everyone.
  • The Toolkit is based on the principle that there are nine specific tools you need to hone in order to best communicate your work to the world professionally. Read about each tool here if you an artist, and here if you are a creative.

If you've been thinking about the DELVE Toolkit for a while, this will be the ONLY sale this year, so jump on it and email us to sign up! (We'll set up a 20 minute call to assure we are the right fit.) If this is all new to you, read below to learn more.

What is the DELVE Toolkit?
The DELVE Toolkit offers visual and performing artists and creatives professionals, one-on-one guidance to help you best communicate what you do, get (and stay) organized, and reach your professional goals. We specialize in helping you–the talented artist or creative entrepreneur–build sustainable skills to assure that your work is best represented to the world: online, in writing and in person.

How does it work?
The DELVE Toolkit is simple: we work with you one-on-one on a weekly basis to work towards your goals. We get to know you and your work on a deep level, guide you through weekly assignments and manageable tasks to work towards your dreams. We meet over video chat once a week and email the rest of the week. Our conversations are laser focused on you and your work, and we help you break down big goals and obstacles into manageable, specific tasks. Through this weekly practice you develop new habits and skills to propel you further after we're done working together. To start, email us and we will schedule a phone call to make sure we are a good fit, and then you enroll, we schedule our meetings, and begin!

Why should I work with you?
When your priority is your art practice or building your creative business, how do you achieve your professional goals when time is limited, you have so many responsibilities or you feel stuck? It's incredibly hard—we know that from experience. That is why we started the DELVE Toolkit in the first place. We are here to help push your amazing ideas forward and assure your work is best presented to the world... so you can spend more time doing your work and not worrying about the rest of it. We truly care about what you have going on, we take great care in listening and providing clear and unbiased feedback, and we will have a lot of fun and great conversations along the way.

Is the DELVE Toolkit right for me?
If you are a visual or performing artist, a person who considers themselves a creative, a creative entrepreneur, a crafter, a maker, or any version of these, the Toolkit is right for you. We have worked with people in all levels of their careers to make progress on what is important to you. Every person has an incredibly unique vision, set of talents and skills. We work with you to hone what you have and develop what you're lacking.

Why should I invest in the DELVE Toolkit?
The DELVE Toolkit began because we realized that as creatives we all do so many things and have so many responsibilities; it's necessary to get expert, clear, productive feedback on the work that we put our heart and souls into. The Toolkit is a chance to push your career forward, learn new sustainable skills, and empower yourself with the confidence and knowledge that your work is indeed amazing. You investment will allow you to spend laser focused time on your work and how it reads to an outside audience, and it will leave you with the clarity and energy you have been missing.

What have other people said about the DELVE Toolkit?

“I got my art business in order! I needed help with time management, writing, and applying to artist residencies and call for entries. I haven’t seen anything like The DELVE Toolkit that felt as personal, realistic, and accessible. The Running Start package was a great kickstart! Thanks for helping me reach my goal of a residency this year! I’ll be going to Iceland for September and October!”  — Liz Robb, visual artist

“Where Kind Aesthetic excels in digesting & understanding ideas and your bigger picture, they also understand the processes involved to achieve it. They helped me structure a working plan with attainable goals and action items that have already started the wheels in motion, becoming a small business owner and creative entrepreneur. I recommend this program to anyone who is thinking about taking that leap. Just have the consultation with these ladies. You will not look back once you do!"— Lindsay Maiorana, Clementine's Daughter

"Like many artists, I worked independently in isolation and was in need of feedback on my work as well as guidance on emerging as a professional artist. Kind Aesthetic, you gave me the tools needed to begin the process of refining my work, finding community and presenting my work in a professional manner. I know I've said this before, but you've literally changed my life."  – Jason, visual artist, (and now MFA student, thanks to his work with the Toolkit!)

If you've gotten this far down the page, you must really be considering taking the leap. The DELVE Toolkit is going to be fun, productive and uplifting, we promise. Send us an email to set up a brief call to assure we are the right fit and then we can begin as soon as you're ready. Remember, there are only 10 spots for artists and creatives all over the country! You have until 10/15/15 to sign up. We look forward to talking with you.


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