Planning for your future success... was a success.

We held our first Free DELVE Webinar of 2016 on Monday, January 25th. We think it went pretty well and we definitely learned so much that will help us bring better content and more opportunities to you over the year. Thanks to everyone who signed up and joined in on the conversation! Below is a recap of what we learned.

What artists and creatives are struggling with:

  • you want people to see your work more frequently
  • you want to sell your work/make money from your work
  • you need to manage your time in a better way
  • you want to make more work and worry less about promoting it
  • you want to find community that will help you reach your goals

We hear you. As we mention in the webinar, we are artists and creative entrepreneurs, too. We understand everything you are sharing with us and have worked with incredible people at all stages of their careers who are all experiencing the same struggles. The thing is, there is no magic answer that can help you except hard work, finding clarity and having the support of us on your side! We help ask you the right questions to push you further than you thought you could go.

What we learned about doing webinars:

  • Andrea says "you know" way too often
  • we hate the word "webinar" but it's truly a powerful vehicle to connect with all of you, so more are coming! (sign up for our newsletter to learn about upcoming opportunities)
  • we had a really good time creating the webinar and sharing real, useful, purposeful content for you

Here's the replay. Unfortunately, the free 30 minute call with us in ONLY available for the folks who registered for the webinar, so you'll have to sign up for the next one to get our next free offer!

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