The quick KA guide to genuinely sharing your work.

It all starts with your work. Whether you are a visual artist, a writer, a designer, a photographer, musician or a comedian, your art comes first and must be developed and nourished.

Once you have a body of work you want to share with the world, you need to get it out there to the correct audience who can support you. However, you want to make sure you share, or market, your work in a way that feels genuine and that looks really, really good so you can feel confident and excited about it.

Here is your quick guide to developing all of the proper materials so that you can indeed share your work and get the opportunities you want.

1. Define your unique story. This is the foundation of your personal brand, or who you are as a professional artist or creative. Spend time with this step first.

2. Get your visuals together. Photograph your work (art or products), and define your visual style. Oh, and do you need a logo? Answer here.

3. Remember that you are doing it right.

4. Get your website together.

Remember that your unique story is the most important part of sharing your work in a way that feels exciting and that will make sense to others. Sounding generic doesn't fly. Good luck!




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