A 2 week branding challenge and 2016 update!

Hi everyone!

This is just a note to check in and let you know about some exciting new resources and projects we are developing for you. And hey, they are really good resources. And they are free!

1. Sign up for the Kind Aesthetic 2 Week Branding Challenge.

We know, a challenge? Don't roll your eyes! If you've ever met us, you know this came with a lot of thought and testing. It will definitely help you improve the way you communicate the unique story behind your work, and therefore help you build a strong foundation for your personal brand. This challenge will take you less than 15 minutes a day, and will result in a clear, confident way to share your work with your ideal audience, and build a community around what you do.

2. Download our 3-Step Branding Guide.

We are trying new ways to bring artists and creatives free resources to help you best communicate your work – in writing, in person, and online. If you spend 30 minutes with this guide, it will help you ask yourself the right questions so you can feel better about how you market your work.

3. New online classes on the horizon..... keep a lookout!

We've attended many group training seminars, conferences and workshops. The consensus, is, artists and creative entrepreneurs have a hell of a lot to do, and often we work alone and it's hard to find the resources we need for marketing, finances and more. So, we are developing some online classes to be launched in early 2017 to help you through the tough stuff. They will be affordable and in collaboration with other experts. So, stay tuned. We are here to help!

Email us with questions or requests!


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