How maximize your time, get organized & generate more work.

Let's start with the bold reminder that you can put yourself first. 

We know you have families and major responsibilities, so there is a struggle between showing up for your practice and showing up for everything else, especially when it isn't your full time work. If you are like us, when you are busy, it's hard to get organized because it feels overwhelming. So, we made a tool for you:


We have been planning out our weeks like this for years, on paper! Call us old fashioned, but filling out and crossing off tasks in a beautiful design gives us much pleasure. There are notes included inside to get you started, organized and productive.

Organize your week.

Let's take a step back and start with breaking down everything you need to do in order to see the big picture. For the most part, all of your tasks should fit into the following categories:

Making money:  This is self explanatory and a necessary part of your schedule, but think about if there is any time that you could be using more wisely on a day to day basis–commuting, lunch time, etc.– if your job is not related to your practice?

Family/Personal:  Taking care of yourself and your family is very important, maybe the most, right? Every once in a while, though, can you delegate a responsibility to buy yourself some more work time?

Studio/Creating:  Ultimately the most important time, it's helpful to set out with a weekly goal in mind of how much time/what you want to accomplish in the week and write it into your schedule. You need to show up.

Office Time: This is all the stuff that supports your practice: writing, marketing, social media, applications, finances, etc. What is on your docket this week? We have found that doing a little bit a day makes the most impact.

Networking/Learning for Practice: Are you taking strides on a weekly/monthly basis to connect with your community and/or learn new skills?

Life Stuff: We all have to acquire groceries, cook food, clean, and do laundry. Make sure you account for that in your week.

Inspiration Hours: We all need time to just be, and be inspired. Maybe you daydream, go to a museum, read, or be with friends. It's important.

Ways to maximize busy times and stay present in your practice:

Stay confident and talking: One great thing about socializing is that you can secretly use it to practice talking about your work in clear ways, and stay focused on building confidence around sharing your work. Make the conversation more exciting than just the same old: it's about your work!

Write down everything you want to get done: Simple as that, you can see what you need to prioritize. 

Plan it all out. You have to get a lot done in a given week, so if you have a list you can refer to, you can just keep crossing things off it. Winging it does not work.

Remember to do the best you can, and by starting out with a plan, you'll
get there faster and with less stress.

We each sit down at the beginning of each week, usually a Sunday night, and consult our big giant list, and then insert it our daily to-dos into our weekly planners. This gives us a physical place to consult, cross off, and keep planning. It works wonders, so keep it by your side!

Stay focused, artists and creatives. We are here for you.

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