Announcing the DELVE Action Guide for Artists & Creatives.

We've started compiling a list of resources and inspiration called the
DELVE Action Guide for Artists & Creatives. We need you to add to it. Tell us what you and your friends are doing to make the world better, more informed, educated, and kinder. What are you doing to take action?

November was tough. Our job and mission is to make your lives easier. We want you to feel confident sharing your work and story with the right people, get organized and get the professional side of your careers in order so you can do the amazing things you are destined to do. But the 2016 presidential election happened, and we were blindsided by the Trump victory. We have been struggling with how to take action, how to make positive change in light of something so daunting. We are smart women, but not overly outspoken and we don't consider ourselves political activists. But we believe that truthful information is power, education is key and that artists and creatives are needed now more than ever. We know that many of you are in the same boat.

As we started to talk with clients and friends over the past few weeks, we are seeing so many powerful projects and small actions happening. We view them as a point of inspiration, a resource, something to participate in; especially if you've been feeling like us: confused and frustrated at the state of affairs in the United States. Each small action, each local action, each silent action counts.

So far, we've put together a curated list of projects and resources that have organically crossed our paths. But we want it to be more. Comment on the page and tell us what you are doing. Email us at with projects and images. We will share as much as we can. Thank you for being part of our community.

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