The keys to managing your time.

We have a stellar *free* DELVE Webinar lined up for you at the end of this month. Since we were given an extra day in February this year, why not use it to get our heads wrapped around our productivity and how we manage our time?! Sign up now to claim your spot.

We are going to explore YOUR specific issues, worries, and love/hate relationship with how you get everything done, or not. We understand first-hand that cultivating your practice, marketing it and dealing with all of the business stuff in addition to potentially being a partner, parent, friend, and generally happy human being can seem tough sometimes.

You will leave the 30-minute webinar with:

  • a new schedule! we are going to take the time to walk you through how to prioritize your time during the webinar

  • an inspired outlook on how to get the really important non-urgent stuff done because you know that will push you further

  • new resources and advice to refer to when you feel like things may be getting derailed

This will be the only free Time Management and Productivity Webinar we will be having in 2016 so don't miss out! Sign up here to claim your spot!

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