Our Mantras For Being More Productive

As we explore time management and productivity on our blog and social media (#KATime), we want to make clear that we have no magic answers. All of us approach getting things done in a different way, and each of us is very unique. Why are some of us better at managing our time than others? The key is in how we prioritize our tasks and pay attention to long term projects, yielding fruitful results down the road: curbing procrastination and distraction, staying accountable, and making enough time for relaxation.

As a small business owner – artists and creative entrepreneurs, that's you – you sometimes feel like you have too much to do. The real key is to take a step back and make a plan, and implement the following advice and tips to make sure that you can harness your time and feel really good about it. You are your own boss.

Our Mantras For Being More Productive:

Studio Time is Sacred:
"Studio Time" is our name for the time when we make our work, the time your inspiration flows. It's the time when you show up to your work even if you aren't feeling it at that moment. When are you most productive and creative for your work? Make this time sacred and plan your other tasks around it. It's an easy solution, but so many of us will spend our energetic mornings checking email and playing around on social media. All of that stuff can wait until later, we promise.

If You Feel Like You Have No Time:
Stop, plan and organize.
No matter how crazy things get, you have to take a look at the big picture. That means taking an hour or three out of your day to get on track, make comprehensive lists, and an actionable plan to move forward with everything you need to do. It's much easier to thrive within a structured To Do List than it is to flounder without one. We firmly believe that this clears the mind to allow creative/studio/practice time to flourish because all of the nagging is out of your head, down on paper and in reality.

If You Have A Lot Of Time And Don't Know What To Do With It:
Set some deadlines and challenges for yourself and get someone to hold you accountable.
Many people get that from us through working on the DELVE Toolkit, but identifying what your goals are and all of the steps you need to take in getting there should be enough to get that fire lit beneath you. If you know you can't do it on your own, chances are you can find an accountability buddy.

If You Are a Procrastinator:
Ask yourself: What is holding you back from getting things done? Is it fear, uncertainty, laziness? If you can verbalize this and get it out, the thing that is holding you back is probably not so bad. You need to find someone to hold you accountable and set some deadlines for yourself. And stop wasting time on Facebook.

Getting rest and staying healthy is an amazing productivity booster. If you need more time and energy, focus on how you are treating your body first and foremost.

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