Choose your own adventure by making your own opportunities.

Friends, it's hard to be an artist or creative entrepreneur alone. This month we're exploring Community Building: what it takes to build a supportive group of peers around you and your work. No matter at what stage of your career you are, there will be times when you feel like you have plateaued, or you feel stuck, or are lacking confidence in what you are doing. Sometimes it's hard to take the leap into shaking these feelings, so we've devised a list of ways you cultivate the community around you, step-by-step. Think of this as taking a new adventure, giving yourself a gift, and opening up doors of opportunity. It's all good; just go for it.

We've taken leaps into the unknown many times in the past when we wanted to meet more artists and creatives and cultivate a support network around what we do. Like when we decided to hold our first DELVE Networking event in March of 2013... and people actually showed up! And when we curated a multi-venue and multi-artist community exhibition called Windows Brooklyn back in 2008 and 2009 in Brooklyn, NY. We did these projects because we wanted to create a platform for artists and creatives to share what they do in a unique and genuine way, have fun, and meet like-minded individuals to challenge and inspire us. Well, it worked. Don't underestimate yourself.

Challenge: You need to build up confidence in your work.
Adventure: Invite someone over for a studio visit.

Challenge: You have a new body of work you want to exhibit, show or sell.
Adventure: Find a peer to exhibit with and create an apartment show or rent a fabulous space.

Challenge: You want to meet with people regularly to talk about your work.
Adventure: Create a critique group.

Challenge: You want to get better at being accountable to what you need to do.
Adventure: Get an accountability partner and check in with each other regularly to make sure you're staying on top of your to-do list. 

What else are you missing in your professional life? Can you do it yourself? Can you be the one to make change happen? Let us know if we can help.

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