I don't make objects, but offer services. How do I visually represent these on my website?

As discussed in our previous post, as an artist/creative entrepreneur, you are in charge of how you present yourself and your work to your ideal audience, therefore your design choices and image choices matter. A lot!

Today we are going to concentrate on how to show what you do when you don't have actual objects to sell. We often get this question from coaches, writers, consultants, and other creatives who don't make physical objects. So, what do you do when you offer a service and want to attract the right clients? 

Here are 3 things to think about when creating the right visuals for a service-based business:

1) It's important to articulate what you do and what kind of service you provide.  What is your process? Write it all out. This exercise should start with a) describing your client's problems, b) how you solve them, and c) clearly delineating what kind of results they get from you. 

2) Next, think about the emotional response you want to convey through your business (strength, confidence, soothing calm, etc.) Start to collect images and color swatches that appeal to you and have a feeling that is similar to the one you want to convey. Break down the types of colors that appear in these inspiration images. Each color has psychological connotations, so make sure that the colors that appeal to you match the feeling you want to convey through your business and visual materials. This post takes you on a journey of how to create a mood board that will help you find the right color palette that can represent your business.

3) Now, with your services in mind, think about the visuals that can best represent what you do. Starting off, there are usually two options:

  • You might actually have to show what you do, such as a video describing your work, or photographs of you at work, so people can get a sense of who you are.
  • But sometimes, the previous option won't work so you have to turn to aspirational imagery from stock photography or hire a photographer to create unique images that work for you.

Here are two effective examples:

Have you seen the following image before? If you've followed us at all, then you probably have. We created this image to represent our service, the DELVE Toolkit. We offer one-on-one and group coaching programs for artists and creatives to help you better communicate what you do – on-line, in person, and in writing – so you can achieve your professional goals. For us, this image works for several reasons:

  • it's fun to look at
  • we allude to creativity and artistry in a colorful, interesting way
  • we show a sense of organization and clarity that we bring to the DELVE Toolkit process
  • it can be used online and printed and in different design situations to repeat the brand image but offer variety
The image used for the DELVE Toolkit services by Kind Aesthetic

The image used for the DELVE Toolkit services by Kind Aesthetic

Next, Carolyn Cirillo is a marketing writer for the interiors industry. She needed to speak to clients in the design world while not being a designer herself. The best option for her was the use of stock photography that elicited the feeling she wanted to convey about her work to her ideal audience: clarity, intelligence, organization, and a sense of sophisticated design. We love the images on her website because they are pleasant to look at, inspire confidence and are unifying in color and theme without being boring or redundant. Plus, the color choices with her logo and navigation were intentional, and pop nicely, since they are complementary colors.


The homepage for Carolyn Cirillo

The homepage for Carolyn Cirillo

Choosing the right images to support your service-based business can be a challenge but our advice is to always go with your gut and be sure to examine what you love (and hate) because it will ultimately create the best end product! You are unique in what you do, and your tastes, background and process all support that!

Let us know if you need a hand and check out our services here.

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