Overcoming Fear: 3 things to consider

ideal relaxing end-of-summer scenario...

ideal relaxing end-of-summer scenario...

Happy August!  We hope you're out enjoying the end of summer and getting some relaxing time in before the Fall kicks into gear. 

Since this month is a slower one for many people, we decided to use the downtime for some introspection, so that we can move forward with intention once the busy season of Fall kicks in. For us, the upcoming season means teaching lots of workshops and classes, going to as many openings as we can muster, while also launching a whole new suite of products (stay tuned—it's about to get exciting around here!) So before we do all of that, we wanted to spend a few quiet moments pondering a subject that we know haunts a lot of us: FEAR. 

Fear of what? Of taking the next step in your career, of trying something new in the studio, of talking to a stranger at an opening, of doing your taxes, of reaching out to your idol, of putting your work out into the world? And why are we fearful of that? Because of failure. It boils down to the fact that we're all afraid of failing. But what does that mean, exactly? For each of the examples mentioned above, the stakes are of course a bit different. Do any of your fears make you stop in your tracks and feel unable to move forward?

This month, we'll talk about steps to take to push through your fears, but before we go there, let's first all acknowledge that failure is part of the process. And sometimes failure is the best thing that can happen, because it allows you to reassess your situation, your point of view, and your approach. It often leads to new ideas, new ways of working, and new relationships. It is why great things happen, which is why you have to at least try. Nothing happens without trying, and that's the stasis we want to avoid! 

Here are three things to think about when you feel fear creeping in and preventing you from taking a next step:

1) What exactly is it that is making your fearful? Get specific and identify what aspect of the task is preventing you from moving forward. 

2) Talk or write it out. Find someone to confide in, or write it out in your journal. Chances are, once you've listed your specific fears, they will no longer seem so scary or daunting. 

3) If you are feeling fear, switch over to feeling gratitude instead. For example, if you are at an opening and afraid to introduce yourself to the curator, instead take a fresh look at the situation and feel grateful to be able to be in the position to make this connection/be part of this artist community/to have seen the great show this person has curated. Chances are, it will change your attitude and point of view, and you'll no longer be afraid to say hi.  

Let us know what fears are holding you back. We want to start a conversation and help you move forward! 


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