Artists, meet your Guide to the Schedule C

Artists, meet your Guide to the Schedule C. This beautifully designed graphic will help you translate your common artist expenses into tax language.

First, let’s identify what the Schedule C is:

The Schedule C, also known as the Profit or Loss From Business (on your 1040 individual tax return), is a tax form and powerful tool that allows you access to a world of small business incentives. You report income or loss from a business you operated or a profession you practiced as a sole proprietor on this Schedule. It’s part of your individual tax return and can be filed by any person receiving income from business activities, including:

  • freelance income, any amount
  • income from a 1099

  • sales or services

  • a business that is a sole proprietorship

  • a single-member LLC is entitled to file a Schedule C

How to use this tool:

Meticulously organized by color, An Artist’s Guide to the Schedule C defines common expenses you might have as an artist, and points you to which category they fit into on the Schedule C. lt can also serve to remind you which expenses you might be able to claim on your tax return. It would also look beautiful pinned up on your wall!

This wonderful resource is all thanks to Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax. She is working artist and a tax expert, and we’ve collaborated with her to develop the online DELVE course called The Ultimate, Honest Guide to Understanding Artist Taxes. She understands what it means to have to do your taxes as an artist. It can be difficult and overwhelming. Think of Hannah as your brilliant translator on your yearly trip to Tax Land.

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