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#IWillDELVE, a free 1 week challenge to help you get sh*t done

One of the hardest things to do as a busy artist is to set aside time to visualize your big career goals. It can be much easier to focus on the tasks at hand than to push ourselves outside the comfort zone and dream big. It can also seem easier to think and fret about making progress and not actually do anything about it. Well, it's time to just take action and make amazing stuff happen.

In this article, “Don’t Underestimate the Simple Power of Writing Down Your Goals,” the author writes, “Having dreams is one thing; actually accomplishing them is quite another, especially given the fact that relentless fantasizing may actually reduce one’s odds of achieving goals.”

Exactly. You need to write them down and make an actionable plan to achieve them. It sounds simple but can be quite daunting. So, we created a challenge to help kick start you into gear.

The #IWillDELVE challenge will help you:

  • Clear your mind and identify your top professional goals

  • Determine the first goal to accomplish that will pave the way to future success

  • Fess up to what is holding you back

  • Make an action plan to achieve your most pressing to dos

  • Find accountability

  • Get a huge goal accomplished in one month’s time!

If you sign up we will also be checking in with you personally to see how things are going. That way you get a little bit of built-in accountability with this challenge.

This challenge is free and self-guided, meaning you can sign up at any time. You’ll get a series of emails that will walk you through the steps. But don’t delay, because if you get started now, you know you are on your way to awesome things.

Sign up for the #IWillDELVE Challenge now!

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Inspiration for 2017: Branding, professional and tax resources

Do you have any of this in mind for 2017?

  • Set some huge professional goals and achieve them.
  • Connect with an audience that likes and supports my work.
  • Feel confident about how I talk about and share my work online.
  • Be inspired to take action on projects that truly matter.
  • Professionalize my practice in terms of money and marketing.

If you thought "yes!", to one or any of the above, then check out these amazing free resources that we've developed for you over the past few months. They will help you refocus after the holidays and make 2017 your best year yet!

THE KIND AESTHETIC 2 WEEK BRANDING CHALLENGE is a motivating way to help you create a solid foundation for your personal brand, which will make marketing your work easy. Sign up here. (It's an ongoing challenge so you can start at any time.)

We're visual artists and creative entrepreneurs, too. Sharing your work in a way that feels good can be overwhelming. You'll receive one email with a 5-15 minute challenge every day for the next 2 weeks.


Get our free 30-minute branding guide, specifically for artists and creative entrepreneurs here.

Take charge of how to clearly and genuinely articulate what you do and connect with the right audience. Plus, find more time to actually do what you love: make your work!

As a small business owner—artists and creative entrepreneurs, that’s you—you may be unsure of your personal brand. You may be thinking, “Do I even need one?" The answer is YES! And it already exists within you.

We are compiling an ongoing list of resources and inspiration called the DELVE Action Guide for Artists & Creatives. We need you to add to it. Tell us what you and your friends are doing to make the world better, more informed, educated, and kinder. What are you doing to take action? Comment on the page or email us.

We've partnered with the amazing artist/tax expert, Hannah Cole, of Sunlight Tax to bring you a series of posts about Tax & Money stuff. And spoiler alert: we'll be launching an incredible tax course for you really soon. It's the answers to everything you've always wanted to ask about your artist taxes. Stay tuned.

And don't forget to always check out when we might be hosting a live DELVE workshop near you, or ask us if we will host one for your group! And explore our blog for some great advice and guidance.

For 2017 we are working hard to bring you some online classes that are affordable and extremely useful and productive. But the biggest goal we have is to continue to build connections and our community of artists and creatives to make positive change, educate each other, and have meaningful conversations to take action on projects and causes that matter. Stay tuned!!

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A 2 week branding challenge and 2016 update!

Hi everyone!

This is just a note to check in and let you know about some exciting new resources and projects we are developing for you. And hey, they are really good resources. And they are free!

1. Sign up for the Kind Aesthetic 2 Week Branding Challenge.

We know, a challenge? Don't roll your eyes! If you've ever met us, you know this came with a lot of thought and testing. It will definitely help you improve the way you communicate the unique story behind your work, and therefore help you build a strong foundation for your personal brand. This challenge will take you less than 15 minutes a day, and will result in a clear, confident way to share your work with your ideal audience, and build a community around what you do.

2. Download our 3-Step Branding Guide.

We are trying new ways to bring artists and creatives free resources to help you best communicate your work – in writing, in person, and online. If you spend 30 minutes with this guide, it will help you ask yourself the right questions so you can feel better about how you market your work.

3. New online classes on the horizon..... keep a lookout!

We've attended many group training seminars, conferences and workshops. The consensus, is, artists and creative entrepreneurs have a hell of a lot to do, and often we work alone and it's hard to find the resources we need for marketing, finances and more. So, we are developing some online classes to be launched in early 2017 to help you through the tough stuff. They will be affordable and in collaboration with other experts. So, stay tuned. We are here to help!

Email us with questions or requests!


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Personal branding isn't as scary as you think.

As an artist or creative entrepreneur who deals with making work that is close to your heart, incredibly intuitive and part of how you simply are as a human being, it can feel impossible to translate your work into words and marketing efforts that mean something real, that make an impact on the people that matter, and that feel right to you.

As a small business owner—artists and creative entrepreneurs, that’s you—you may be unsure of your personal brand. You may be thinking, “Do I even need one? ‘Brand’ sounds like a word that only corporate companies use.” 

But you do have a serious business: your work. And you do indeed have a personal brand, it already exists within you.

That's why we created a free guide for you to get clear on your own personal brand once and for all. It's way easier than you think; it starts with putting your visuals into words and thinking about why you are unique.

Define your personal brand in 3 steps will walk you through it, and it only takes 30 minutes. To get this free guide, just fill out the form below!

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