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Friday Links- January 17

Annie Coggan tells us about a major source of inspiration, Dorothea Tanning, in this article.

Fiyel Levent talks about her travels during her life and how they have been crucial to her creativity.

Artists- can a jump on this year at Cue Art Foundation on 1/22/14 with Jackie Battenfield's planning workshop. It's only $10. Can't beat it.

Constellation 617 has some great interviews with Creative People.

From this Hyperallergic article: "The University of California’s storied academic imprint is making freely available online 700 titles published between 1984 and 2004, Open Culture has reported. The books encompass a broad range of topics, with a healthy dose of critical and historical writings on the arts."

On that topic, reading is totally good for you.

Loving these nighttime photographs of the Gowanus by Miska Draskoczy.

Our DELVE Networking event is next week at Textile Arts Center on 1/24 exploring all things fabrication!

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Friday Links- October 11

Welcome to  our weekly round-up of things we found interesting and noteworthy during the week. Find it here every Friday.

3rd Ward in Bushwick, Brooklyn unexpectedly closed this past week. Many many people are sad and angered by it, but Brokelyn helps break it down and offers some advice and solutions. 

An amazing article by David Byrne, a precursor to Creative Time's Summit head.  

Read about our Creative Marketing Workshop at Cue Art Foundation. 

We were in Boston over the past week thinking about opportunities and the art scene there. Big Red and Shiny lets us know about a submission and some thoughts on the city.

Studio Shelf's pop-up design office in public space in Cape Town is a great idea.  

The Art of Letter Writing all in one site. 

 This is an insightful review of the Chris Burden show at the New Museum.

A look into Sass Brown's book and upcycling and its role in fashion. 

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Creative Marketing at CUE

We love CUE Art Foundation because they are truly committed to helping artists with their processes. Through workshops and one-on-one meetings, individuals can explore the potential in their own unique paths by learning from others.

Last Wednesday, October 2, we hosted a workshop called Creative Marketing for Artists. This workshop is a fresh way to look at our art practices. It isn't like usual marketing workshops– we didn't cover the standards for social media, blogging and writing press releases. Quite frankly, that information is valuable, important and covered by many professional practices programs, but it's a given that you have to use those tools in today's art world. Our workshop was a lesson in expanding our minds to think where beyond the "art world" our work can exist, make an impact, and grow our audiences.


We used the Marshall Strawberry Project by Leah Gauthier as an example. Leah is a relational artist who uses plants and food as her medium, is committed to educating her audience about diversifying our food supply, and often incorporates performance into her work. She wanted to try and sell work ( a "product") in order to make some extra income on the side that would hopefully enrich her practice and not be a distraction. During the workshop we shared her story and showed the work of some other artists to demonstrate how these non-traditional models could adapt to any art practice with a little elbow grease, hard work and thinking outside the box.

We are really excited about all the projects that were shared with us after the workshop and during the one-on-one consultations. For those of you who attended, it was really special to delve deeper into what you all do, where you passions lie, and to spend some time with you and your art work. You inspired us, and we hope you are making progress with your ideas.  

Stay tuned for a future Creative Marketing Workshop near you. We'll send out information on our mailing list, and also via Facebook and Twitter. 


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Friday Links- September 27

Welcome to  our weekly round-up of things we found interesting and noteworthy during the week. Find it here every Friday!

 A fantastic idea for reducing electronic waste. Let's start with our phones. 

A really great article about a book on the daily rituals of artists-- finding the balance, what does it take? Surrounding yourself with support and having discipline are two key components to making work, but there is no one path.

Looking back at Ed Ruscha's Twentysix Gasoline Stations. "What he started was another reinvention of the artist book."- NPR

A new garden looks and smells great- in Gowanus!  A fragrance walk, a bioswale, and more. Thanks, Bette Midler!

Dumbo Arts Festival is this weekend in Brooklyn. Fun for all. 

Creative Marketing for Artists at Cue Art Foundation, 10/2. Join us! 



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Delve Networking #4 at Cue Art Foundation

On Tuesday, September 17th we hosted our fourth DELVE Networking event at CUE Art Foundation in Manhattan. DELVE is a roaming event all over the five boroughs that creates a chance for artists to get together in a comfortable environment and make new connections. Our next one will be in November, so stay tuned.

CUE is a nonprofit that was founded in 2003 and dedicates its programming to "creating essential career and educational opportunities for emerging and under-recognized artists of all ages." We have been to many workshops, exhibitions and events there, and were very honored to host our own in their great space.

The night kicked off with some great talks by artists Shanti Grumbine, damali abrams and Steve Lambert. They all shared their paths about how and why they make the work that they do.

Shanti Grumbine

Shanti Grumbine

Shanti Grumbine, who lives and works in New Paltz, NY, generously shared how she came to make the work where she erases and cuts away text and image from the New York Times newspaper, leaving a delicate lacy skin behind. She made a great point that having applied and participated in various NYFA programs and residencies has allowed her work to grow and transform over the years, and she is off to the Bemis residency this fall.

damali abrams

damali abrams

damali abrams is another busy woman and off to the Fresh Milk residency in Barbados this fall. She talked about her path of harnessing her two passions from adolescence in her art work -- tv and self help books -- to make larger statements about society. The result are performances, videos and more. She shared her amazing music video, Baby It Couldn't Have Been You That I Feared

Steve Lambert

Steve Lambert

Steve Lambert is a funny, subversive artist and his work reflects it. He spoke honestly about the realities of selling popular work at a gallery, and the double edged sword of making money and having to produce the same stuff over and over again. Luckily he shared how he overcame that and has been making other great work. He will be featuring a huge public piece in Times Square starting September 20th.  So, go press the true/false button the first chance you get.

All three artists cull inspiration from the daily norm: television, music, signs, and the newspaper, for instance. The way that Shanti, damali and Steve intake and reinterpret the media so humorously, beautifully and poignantly through their work helps us understand our world much better. 

Check out more photos below and see past DELVE Networking events here. See you next time!



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