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NEW DELVE Fabric(ation) & Toolkit + Post-Networking to dos

Last Friday evening, many people braved the bitter cold to join us at the cozy Textile Arts Center's Manhattan workshop for DELVE Networking, Fabric(ation) + Art. It was a seriously inspiring group of artists, graphic designers, architects, fashion designers, students, Textile Arts Center fans, interior designers, entrepreneurs and more. Fiyel Levent and Annie Coggan gave inspired talks about their work and process, each diving into what the idea of fabrication means to them.

We had the chance to announce our brand new Toolkit for Artists and Creatives that is part of the DELVE suite of services, which also includes events and bespoke workshops. If you are an artist or creative looking to grow your community or build your practical professional skills to enhance your practice, check out our new site and take action on projects that are important to you.

Plus, in this post we also wanted to share some tips for what to do after these networking events to keep building your community.

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Last Friday evening was a wonderful and productive event because:

  • We had the opportunity to hear about and be inspired by the processes of two talented architects/designers/artists who redesign, beautify and transform the way we use and think about everyday objects and the spaces we inhabit.
  • The Textile Arts Center, an organization that symbolizes experimentation and learning based on fabric and textiles, is a great space to think and talk about fabrication.
  • Meeting new talented people from all around the city (and world) really opened our eyes to so many more inspiring projects that are going on.

Hearing Fiyel Levent talk about her process was really enlightening, and it was amazing to hear how her travels around the world have influenced her designs for furniture, objects and paper goods. Experimenting with different materials is very important to her work. She took us down the fascinating path of how she actually makes her intricate, beautiful objects. She left us with an important thought: from designing her furniture and objects to her paper goods, fabricating locally has become incredibly important to her as she moves away from creating every single one of her pieces on her own. 

Courtesy Fiyel Levent  These intricate shavings were a by product from her screens on the right, an unexpected surprise. 

Courtesy Fiyel Levent

These intricate shavings were a by product from her screens on the right, an unexpected surprise. 

Courtesy Fiyel Levent  The blue foam cylinders, collected from art supply stores all over NYC and then some, became the molds for this gorgeous wine rack for a private client.

Courtesy Fiyel Levent

The blue foam cylinders, collected from art supply stores all over NYC and then some, became the molds for this gorgeous wine rack for a private client.


Annie Coggan's work explores, in her words, "rooms, objects and stories: three preoccupations and their subsequent consequences." First, Annie took us on a tour of incredible rooms that she has designed, and the objects (especially chairs) that she remakes for certain persons from history. Each space, object and drawing is infused with deep historical meaning, usually based on a specific individual chosen and interpreted by Annie. As a mother, teacher, instructor, designer and artist, her fabrication methods thrive on self-imposed rules, whether all materials must be salvaged, or she works on projects in pieces through embroidery in the evenings so she can always be producing.


Thanks to everyone who attended and participated and we hope to see you again soon!

Annie Coggan/Chairs and Buildings
Fiyel Levent Atelier
Fiyel Levent Paper Goods
Textile Arts Center


If you collected any business cards or made new friends last Friday at our event, here are some suggestions to schedule into your calendar this week:

Follow up and say hello! Just send an email and check out the other person's website. Simple. Do it before you forget. Add each other to your mailing lists.
Connect on social media. This is a great way to stay in touch. It seems we all use Facebook these days to share art events and Twitter is an easy way to stay in the know. 
Comment and interact with the event organizers. We have a blog and hope you'll comment on pieces that interest you and leave your website and introduce yourselves. Join our community!
Schedule a studio visit. We are huge fans of studio visits with new friends of colleagues. So if you've hit it off with someone, there's never a better time to get some feedback on your work, or vice versa. We all live here to create and share what we do.

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Friday Links- January 17

Annie Coggan tells us about a major source of inspiration, Dorothea Tanning, in this article.

Fiyel Levent talks about her travels during her life and how they have been crucial to her creativity.

Artists- can a jump on this year at Cue Art Foundation on 1/22/14 with Jackie Battenfield's planning workshop. It's only $10. Can't beat it.

Constellation 617 has some great interviews with Creative People.

From this Hyperallergic article: "The University of California’s storied academic imprint is making freely available online 700 titles published between 1984 and 2004, Open Culture has reported. The books encompass a broad range of topics, with a healthy dose of critical and historical writings on the arts."

On that topic, reading is totally good for you.

Loving these nighttime photographs of the Gowanus by Miska Draskoczy.

Our DELVE Networking event is next week at Textile Arts Center on 1/24 exploring all things fabrication!

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#delvefabrication- January 24th, 2014 at Textile Art Center

Over the next month we are excited to explore all things FABRIC(ATION) leading up to our upcoming  DELVE Networking event on January 24th at Textile Arts Center. This is one not to miss. (Get tickets here if you haven't already!) Here is the whole scoop about what we will be exploring together.


There are many different ways to think about the word "fabrication" and it's meaning. We are particularly interested in the intricacy and materials-focused components of a creative process when applied to art, architecture, and design projects and products. And let's not forget to highlight fabric: embroidering, dying, sewing, fashion, weaving, printing, knitting, salvaging, reusing, repurposing, designing, felting, cutting. 

Our community is full of makers, and this is the core of our event: bringing together artists, artisans, crafters, architects, designers, and fabrication fanatics from all fields and disciplines to explore what it means to MAKE.   Over the coming month we will highlight the relationships between methods and the projects surrounding modes of fabrication on our Pinterest board, Facebook and Twitter.  Join in the conversation (#delvefabrication) and share what fabric(ation) means to you.



Why are we incredibly excited to host our event at the Textile Arts Center?
Because they are a unique "resource facility providing many opportunities for people to engage with textiles and fiber techniques in an accessible, inspiring way." They have a Resource Library,  work with artisans on hand dyeing, weaving, printing methods, machine knitting and textile conservation, and are dedicated to creating natural dyes through their Sewing Seeds program. Plus they offer an amazing Artist in Residence Program that allows artists and designers to work with access to unparalleled resources. 

Textile Arts Center  , 26 West 8th Street   The TAC has two locations and on January 24th we will be at the Manhattan workshop in Greenwich Village.

Textile Arts Center, 26 West 8th Street

The TAC has two locations and on January 24th we will be at the Manhattan workshop in Greenwich Village.


We are thrilled to have two amazing speakers lined up that will kick off the January DELVE event, Annie Coggan and Fiyel Levent.


Fiyel Levent was born and raised in New York and holds a Bachelor in Architecture from The Cooper Union and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Literature from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She's worked in the capacity of architect (ranging from ground-up buildings to apartment renovations) to experiments in architecture, art, product design and interior design. 

Hikari Table Light 

Hikari Table Light 

Custom CNC Milled Panels

Custom CNC Milled Panels

           Fiyel Levent

           Fiyel Levent

In 2009, Fiyel Levent launched her own studio, The Atelier, exhibiting work at various galleries that drew inspiration from her interest in Central Asian and Islamic Architecture. By using the simplest of materials such as paper and wood, to more complex materials such as Corian and recycled Polyethylene, many of her designs involve combining and reinterpreting traditional forms with contemporary fabrication techniques. She aims to design and build custom architectural installations which achieve something close to the sublime in their relationship to light

In May 2013, Fiyel Levent Paper Goods began as an extension of The Atelier, where her experimentation and love affair with paper was hugely incorporated into her lighting designs, and so the move to develop a stationery line was a natural one. The vividly textured and intricate motifs expressed on the cards are derived from and inspired by Fiyel's travels and her modern take on Moorish and Islamic architectures, origami paper, kimono patterns, washi and chiyogami prints, as well as drawings and paintings by artists such as Rush Asawa and Agnes Martin. 

You can also read about Fiyel in this great article in the New York Times.


Annie Coggan is an educator, artist/ designer and entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, NY.  Her focus in practice and research is the use of furniture as a mechanism for storytelling, and she is the founder of the blog Chairs and Buildings

Annie founded and conceived Rattle Bag Workshops; design thinking for non-designers, Little Building Café in Starkville, MississippiCoggan and Crawford Architects and Chairs and Buildings Productions. As editor of Chairs and Buildings, she has developed virtual space for design thinking and a physical studio for furniture, product, interiors, events and publications. She has published work in Furniture A+D and Journal of Architectural Education, designsponge and Remodelista as well being contributor to the literary journal A Public Space and Herman Miller’s Lifework blog. 

Annie Coggan

Annie Coggan

A drawing by Annie Coggan

A drawing by Annie Coggan

We especially love this sneak peek into Annie's home and gorgeous chairs in this article on designsponge from her time living in Mississippi.

In 2010, Annie was an artist in residence at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn and continues to teach workshops there, as well as having been a founding member of their Board of Directors. She is currently at work on a book that explores historic house museums and their design potential, and is on the adjunct faculty at Parsons/New School, F.I.T. and SVA in New York City.

Needless to say, Annie and Fiyel are two talented artists and thinkers, and we are very excited for their presentations on January 24th at Textile Arts Center.  They will also be curating some exciting content this month about their take on fabric(ation) so stay tuned!

Get tickets for DELVE Networking on January 24th here!




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