Our main passion is to make creative ideas exist and thrive in the real world. Take a look at some examples of our work below. 

A creative professional rarely does just one thing in his or her practice. Annie Coggan came to us with more than 25 years worth of amazing work and a popular design blog that needed some attention. How could we help a talented individual with a successful multi-dimensional practice inspired by historical research–and existing as artwork, interior design, writing and teaching–best tell her story to the world? In addtion, her blog, Chairs and Buildings, needed revisualization, a new look, and a fresh mission in order to engage with her ideal audience, inspire and stimulate her own work and research, and challenge her to push new and exciting design ideas into the world. See what happened…

Artist Leah Gauthier is an intermedia and relational artist whose work explores food. In 2006 Leah learned about the Marshall Strawberry, which was once deemed by James Beard, the Father of American gastronomy, as the tastiest berry ever. More importantly it is an heirloom,  juicy, delicate berry that became nearly extinct due to its incompatibility with modern industrialized agricultural practices started in the 1960s. She requested some runners from USDA Scientists in Corvallis, Oregon and by the start of 2013, she had single-handedly grown hundreds of Marshall Strawberry plants that were thriving. Now what?


WINDOWS BROOKLYN was an art exhibition that was installed in numerous storefronts along Court Street and Smith Street in the Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill neighborhoods of Brooklyn from June 6-13, 2009 and June 14-22, 2008.

We wanted to provide an alternative exhibition opportunity for local artists as well as meet our neighbors. Additionally, we felt the need to introduce the experience of contemporary art into a neighborhood that lacked galleries and a strong artist presence at that time. Our challenge was that we had to work with little to no budget or time for fundraising but wanted to make a strong impact and encourage the local community to support artists. Read how we did it.

When an individual’s priority is maintaining a productive art practice or building a creative business, how can they achieve their professional goals when time is limited, there are too many responsibilities or when they feel stuck? It's incredibly hard– we know that from experience and understand that as creative individuals, we all do so many things and have so many responsibilities. We wanted to provide an opportunity for artists and creatives around the country to receive expert, clear, bespoke, productive feedback on the work that they put their heart and souls into. 

The DELVE Toolkit is unique consulting service that offers artists and creatives in any stage of their careers personalized, one-on-one guidance to help them best communicate what they do in person, on line and in writing. See more here...

As part of the artist collective, 3-art, we wanted to highlight artistic practice as a response to “place” and an extension of daily life–whether an artist’s habitat is a choice, a natural path, forced, or born of necessity. This idea stemmed from three members of our artist collective working remotely from each other, across time zones. How could we make an impact, collaborate and promote visual and collaborative relationships and conversations for other artists and the public? See what we curated!


In the spring of 2014, Rebuild By Design and Van Alen Institute came to us with an opportunity to produce, plan, coordinate and curate two events: one was a large, public exhibition celebrating the Unveiling of the Final Work by the ten winning design teams of the overall competition, and the other was a smaller but no less important Scale It Up event celebrating the hard work and commitment to the competition process by the Lower East Side community deeply affected by Hurricane Sandy. See the results here….


Kate Schutt, musician extraordinaire, came to us with a mission to better connect with her adoring music fans when she can’t tour due to being the primary caregiver for an ill family member. How could we help a talented individual organize her storytelling approach, best feature her music and projects, and leave her room to maintain and grow this platform to create the same wonderful sense of community and interaction that she evokes on stage? See more here….




Van Alen Institute (VAI) needed to strategically transform its current unused ground floor space in order to house its entire nonprofit operation, which includes exhibitions, events, offices, and a bookselling platform. The goal was twofold: to create a new, happy, home for the organization and construct a new space in order to refocus its attention on analysis, advising, and activating designs, public policies, and experiences of the public realm. VAI was limited by space, budgetary constraints and time, but wanted to ensure that it continued to be a destination for visitors–not only for its mission and programming, but also for its forward-thinking design. How it happened...


As artists, we understand that networking is essential. We were searching for productive opportunities outside of solitary studio time and busy, public events and openings. In addition to wanting to make new connections and expand our knowledge of opportunities, technical skills, what shows to see, possible collaborations, what’s new, what’s not, and what everyone is working on, we want to learn from others and how they make it work.

But time is precious. How, as creatively motivated individuals, do we fit into each others lives and how can we celebrate and discover everyone's unique paths as artistic and creative forces while meeting new people and expanding our networks? 


An art advisor sees and experiences beautiful and moving art pieces everyday, which she then shares with her clients to help them build and maintain bespoke art collections. Though her business revolves around buying and selling gorgeous works of art, her role is more than just visual; we’re talking budgets, caring for works of art, and estate sales, for instance. How could a seasoned and creative art advisor share the necessary business services she offers in addition to her adventures in the art world and winning personality, all with leaving room for the collector to find their own creativity in the process and trust in her? Learn more here...



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