When people ask, “What do you do?” do you have trouble answering, or tend to ramble on? Talking and writing about your work in an exciting and confident way is the best way to open doors.

Are you the person who is always making excuses that your website isn’t updated, or you say, “No one ever comes to my website anyway!”? It’s time to harness your website into a powerful tool.

Is your idea of spreading the word about your upcoming show calling your mom and your best friend and hoping for the best? It’s time to shout your ideas, work and amazing events from the rooftops because we promise it’s more fun than you think.

Do you have trouble writing about your work? Outside perspective, feedback and editing are key in translating your great ideas into getting what you want: grants, exhibitions, new clients, and, of course, world domination.

Daydreaming about starting a creative side business or moving forward with your studio practice? There are many ways to be more productive with the time you have. We’ll show you how.

Is planning for a huge goal paralyzing, but you know that you have the skills to accomplish it? Work with us to create a strategy to make progress on your work everyday to achieve big outcomes.

Does your work look beautiful in your studio or workshop but lackluster in print and online? We can provide tips and training on how to make gorgeous imagery that you can do yourself. Believe it!

Do you know that you need to build your community to get more opportunities, but don’t know where to look? Take the leap into new worlds with us where you’ll meet like-minded people and grow your practice.

Do you have an exhibition (congratulations!) and have no clue where to begin preparing? Are you selling a creative product and have a hunch that the reason you have so much back stock is that the packaging is not up to snuff? Let’s get to work.


If any of the tools above are lacking from your life, then we are your gals.

With our DELVE Toolkit, we work with people who are interested in building a sustainable creative life for themselves. In other words, we are not your scribes, ghost writers, PR agents or reps. We are, however, ready to give you all the information, patience, support, and drive you need to accomplish your goals, while having a good time doing it.
Cross our hearts.

How can you sign up, you ask? We have several packages to choose from.


We’ll work together diligently and intensely through weekly assignments. We’ll review your entire online persona, analyze your writing about your work and how you tell your story. By the end of the month you will receive a personal in-depth analysis of your current situation, where to make improvements, where you are excelling, and tips to make great strides forward. Basically, you might start humming this tune.

4 weeks, $400

In addition to the 4-week assessment offered in the DELVE package, we'll delve further into developing your strengths on two major tools missing from your own personal toolkit. By working with us you will develop new productive habits, and see actual improvement on how you present your work to the world.

10 weeks, $1500 (or $1100 if purchased in addition to the DELVE package)


This is the real deal. You are really ready to make change happen in your life, and we are ready to help! After the 4-week assessment that kicks off our time working together, we will go over your big picture goals and together we’ll create a manageable, productive timeline that will begin to feel like second nature not after too long. We will also assess each of the the individual tools described above as they pertain to you, and determine a plan of action for each one.  By week 16 you will be on such a roll you’ll leave everyone in your dust.

16 weeks, $3000 (or $1500 if purchased in addition to the DELVE Further package)

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