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Volume 1, Spring 2014 
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Think Spring

Since the sun’s voyage over the equator during the vernal equinox, subtle bursts, pops of color, and growth begin to infiltrate our once gray landscape. New sources of visual and physical warmth stir and awaken us, bringing our attention to new kinds of materiality (sheer layers, uncommon forms and soft petals), bright outlooks (startling juxtapositions, optimism and cleverness), and the longing for color as we await the return of the summer sun. The work of artists Hidemi Takagi, Parsley Steinweiss, Megan Hays, Danielle Mysliwiec and Bernie DeChant engages with the subtle exhilaration that is in primal partnership with this annual seasonal renewal.

Hidemi Takagi
Hidemi synthesizes her experience of living in America through the filter of the 1950s and 60s American television shows that she grew up watching in Japan. Her super-saturated color palette allows her to preserve the memories of her imagined America while giving her a photographic focus as she explores her adopted home.

Parsley Steinweiss
In her Photo Objects, Parsley investigates perception, illusion and surface. She combines photographs of almost unrecognizable, yet common, elements and textures with different materials to both reveal and conflate the photograph’s meaning.

Megan Hays
In her work, Megan employs a meticulous and intensive process of adding and subtracting, covering and exposing—whether it’s in gouache, plaster, or yarn. The work is meditative and subtle, yet often surprising, revelatory or unsettling.

Danielle Mysliwiec
In her paintings, Danielle “weaves” layers of oil paint to ultimately achieve a meticulous dimensionality and sculptural heft. The paintings are inspired by textiles from around the world, as well as the work of modern and contemporary artists working in textiles, such as Anni Albers and Sheila Hicks.

Bernie DeChant
When making images, Bernie is present in the moment, watching and waiting as scenes unfold. Elements of painting and cinematography, coupled with his graphic designer past, elevate these glimpses of the ordinary into remarkable photographs.

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