Perfect for creative professionals and small businesses who need genuine storytelling and beautiful marketing materials.


A unique, affordable, one-on-one consulting program for individual artists and creatives who want to hone their own skills. 



We love listening to what drives your creativity and ingenuity.
We want to help you tell your best, most unique and focused story to the world – visually, in person, and in writing. Together, we identify why you are unique and amazing, so that there is a genuine power and truth behind the professional story you tell. That way, you can feel good about the marketing materials that support your endeavors. You can focus on your work, instead of feeling uneasy that you're not representing it in the best possible way.

We work with you in three steps:



We deeply get to know you, your projects, your goals and your ideal audience in order to most accurately define your story and your brand. By the end of our time working together we will answer these questions: What is your unique story as a business? Who is your audience?  How can you communicate clearly, concisely and effectively with your audience? Why do people come to you and what for?


Once we have boiled down all of your amazing projects into manageable, powerful units, we give it all the visual edge and appeal you are looking for. We provide you with:

  • Name: Are you struggling with a name for your creative business or practice? We can help.

  • Logo: We will encapsulate your unique identity through with a fresh, intuitive logo.  

  • Print & Digital Identity: We'll adapt your new logo to beautifully-designed business cards, marketing materials and other print collateral.

  • Your story: We will assure that all of the copy that you need for your website, marketing materials and and all other accompanying media is powerful and tells your unique story in the correct voice.

  • Portrait: People need to know who you are. We can provide a custom photographic portrait.

  • Product Photography: We specialize in clean, fresh product photography with a focus on natural light.

  • Website: We will analyze your current website and provide step-by-step instructions for you to improve your current site. Or do you want a new website from scratch? Let's build you a beautiful one that is easy to maintain on your own.

  • Editorial Content + Social Media: We can help you determine interesting and insightful ways to share unique content online so that you can engage your ideal audience.


Finally, we understand that running a business can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many moving parts and things to keep up with. We can help you devise a system that will give you a clear overview of  your goals and how to accomplish them by devising a personalized system. We approach this in three steps:  

  • an in-depth analysis of your current working methods, schedule, available time, personal successes, struggles and goals

  • then we tackle the one large project that is your top priority by breaking down your goals for the project into small, manageable, productive units of time

  • once the wheels are in motion with your daily schedule and you are making progress on your top priority project, we take a moment and look at how you are doing in order to make necessary changes so that you truly have a sustainable organization and time management system.



Invest in Yourself
We believe in helping our clients achieve a focused, sustainable, creative presence in the world. The end result will consist of not only the tools to move you along further than you thought possible but the peace of mind that your story is clear and exciting as it’s being disseminated out into the world.
This will leave you the time and room to do more and better creative work.



Want to see more? Check out our Case Studies where we highlight some inspiring past projects.

DELVE Toolkits for Artists and Creatives

This unique one-on-one consulting program offers personalized, professional guidance to help you best communicate what you do, get (and stay) organized, and achieve your professional goals. 
Through a tried and true, affordable system, we will help you build sustainable skills to assure that your work is best represented to the world online, in writing and in person. By working with you one-on-one through a series of in-depth assignments and meetings, we help you to maximize your potential and develop and maintain long-lasting good habits.

We have worked with amazing individuals of any age and at any stage of their careers and helped them to:

  • best communicate what they do in a clear, concise and smart ways
  • kick-start their productivity and jumpstart ideas into action
  • apply to and achieve specific goals 
  • get better at using their time efficiently
  • write about their work effectively, and more