Let us help you breathe new life into how you communicate your art practice with the world and harness the best professional side of your practice in order to maintain long-lasting good habits.



In this 20-minute call, we will learn your story and current issues, explain how we can help you reach your goals, answer any logistical questions you may have, and set up our first in-person (or Skype) appointment. Click here to schedule.


We can work with you on the fundamentals, including:

• writing: artist statements, bios, grant and residency proposals

• portfolio development and review

• developing confidence in talking about your art practice

• website analysis

• refining the presentation of your work

• how to structure your day-to-day operations, and more.


How it works:

We work with individuals on a monthly basis. That way, there is no hourly pressure and you can dedicate time to making change happen and receive honest feedback from two experienced consultants.

In person: Investment of $300/month. This includes a meeting with you at your studio to review your work, and together we create a schedule of goals for the month. We touch base weekly via email or phone.

Online: Investment of $250/month. We meet over Skype at the beginning of the month to review your work and goals with a face-to-face conversation. We touch base weekly via email or phone.

There are no commitments after signing up with us for your first month. If you still need more time to accomplish your goals, then we’d love to continue working with you. If you are ready to move on, then great! You can always get in touch when the need arises for extra ears and eyes on your work.  All levels are welcome.


 "Like many artists, I worked independently in isolation and was in need of feedback on my work as well as guidance on emerging as a professional artist. KA gave me the tools needed to begin the process of refining my work, finding community and presenting my work in a professional manner."  -Jason R.


"I really enjoyed working with Andrea and Sara. They gave me important feedback when I was redesigning my website and rewriting my artist statement. They are attentive listeners and as a result were able to provide thoughtful responses to my work and help me clarify and work toward my professional goals." - Christina




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