The KA Quarterly is an online visual journal that comes out four times a year and coincides with the season. It reflects the current state of our inspirations and unites the work of artists, musicians and/or designers under a common topic or theme.



in collaboration with Maya Pindyck


Mapping Distances of Heat

They say the heat made Tybalt kill Romeo—

That the velvet air
made the spider leave her silk
to love a frigate bird 
whose red chest 
would one day squash her.

They say the heat made the woman 
push the stranger, lick the pit,
made the fans come out in staggering crescents,
made the leaf wilt, the baby kick, 
the tomato fold into its juices—

The skin’s slick slide burns, 
melts into itself,
makes good mosquito meat.

To the bodies waddling on concrete,
There is nothing lean about heat.

Say it makes us want too fast, 
makes night heave, as we, soft animals,
swallow heat’s thick sheets, 
drunk for its still salts to kiss 
this thigh.

-Maya Pindyck

poetry and sound by Maya Pindyck
photography and animation by Kind Aesthetic