"I loved working with Sara and Andrea. We had a series of conversations about my business structure, practices, and services and then developed new copy that I could use for my website and promotional materials. Andrea was wonderful at helping me tease out just what I wanted to convey to potential clients and shaping my ideas into appealing language. The new descriptions are thorough, easy to read, and truly reflect me as an individual – both my personality and what I can uniquely offer to clients. My new website is beautiful, easy to navigate, and tells so much about me as a person and as a professional.

In addition, I love the logo that Sara and I developed together. She made a huge suite of branded materials for me that includes letterheads that can be used for all the materials I send to clients, a business card, image tear sheets, and a PowerPoint presentation format. She also provided me with logos formatted for specific uses (like Quickbooks and social media), which made updating my online presence, billing, and such very easy. Sara even sent me a font to use for all of my materials. I love that everything I now produce has a unique and cohesive look. Sara went through a number of rounds of revisions with me and provided great technical advice whenever I needed it.

When I started working with Sara and Andrea, I was expecting to come out of the process with great visual materials and new language to describe my business – and I was not disappointed. What I didn’t know is that Sara and Andrea would be such an amazing soundboard for my business ideas and that through our conversations I would be inspired with new ways I could develop my practice and formalize services I was already doing for my clients. During our meetings, I came up with a number of ideas that I never would have thought of on my own. I am so grateful for their sound, practical, and thoughtful advice. I wish I could have monthly meetings with them forever! Amy Sande Friedman, art advisor

“Kind Aesthetic has helped me see the 30,000 foot view of my musical life and, from there, pick and choose what to highlight online. Andrea and Sara have helped me articulate my story as a musician and present that story in a clear, compelling way. They have a million ideas for how to quickly and easily capture and present to the world (via my blog) the things I do without thinking (songwrite, collaborate, perform, practice, etc).”  — Kate Schutt, musician

"I was struggling with trying to build a website that presented my work in at an aesthetic level that would appeal to my current and potential clients in the design and interiors industry.  I had worked with several other consultants on the road to producing a website, but once I began working with Kind Aesthetic, I realized my previous efforts left out a critical step in the process.

Before we even began the visual aspect of the project, Andrea and Sara worked with me to hone in on my positioning, target markets and services. It was invaluable guidance.  Once my marketing message was developed, the rest of the work flowed smoothly and quickly. Not only did Andrea provide spot-on marketing feedback, she was tremendously helpful in developing my copy platform – the most difficult step in the process for me.

Sara used a similar methodical process to conceive and develop a visual identity that conveyed the message I wanted but had difficulty articulating. She somehow digested all my requests and feedback to come up with a look that I am thrilled beyond belief with. She worked tirelessly to produce all the other visual elements I needed in a look that is consistent with my brand. I now have a tool kit of visuals that are a perfect reflection of the image I wanted to project: sophisticated, design-focused, professional, knowledgeable, experienced.

They were superb in steering me toward my end goal in a way I could never have done myself. Throughout the process, they kept me on course to make sure the end result was the image I said I wanted to project. They gave guidance on developing and implementing a blogging and social media strategy that would help build my personal brand and support future business development. In a few short months, they accomplished what I had been trying to do without success (and with several other consultants) for several years.

I am so happy with the final product – my visual identity and website -- and would never have gotten there without this talented team. Just about every time I present my business card I get a comment on how beautiful it is. Likewise with my website." – Carolyn Cirillo, writer and marketing specialist

“I appreciate that your method of working is artifact based; the result of working with you is a web site (in my case two) and a deep and thorough archive. For someone who is a maker, it was a relief that there would be a strong result after some pretty deep self-reflection. I found that you asked the right questions about my work so I could push the narrative of my process further.”  — Annie Coggan, Chairs and Buildings

“My goal was to build a small business for my clothing line in order to shift it from an isolated studio practice into the public. Kind Aesthetic developed and designed a great logo and helped me name my brand, designed and set up a website with an integrated store, provided professional photo shoots and helped me with technical solutions to become independent for future product shoots. I now have a platform I can maintain myself and sell my work!” — Gertrude Berg, Bergwerk

“I got my art business in order! I needed help with time management, writing, and applying to artist residencies and call for entries. I haven’t seen anything like The DELVE Toolkit that felt as personal, realistic, and accessible. The Running Start package was a great kickstart! Thanks for helping me reach my goal of a residency this year! I’ll be going to Iceland for September and October!”  — Liz Robb, visual artist

“Where Kind Aesthetic excels in digesting & understanding ideas and your bigger picture, they also understand the processes involved to achieve it. They helped me structure a working plan with attainable goals and action items that have already started the wheels in motion, becoming a small business owner and creative entrepreneur. I recommend this program to anyone who is thinking about taking that leap. Just have the consultation with these ladies. You will not look back once you do!"— Lindsay Maiorana, Clementine's Daughter

 "Like many artists, I worked independently in isolation and was in need of feedback on my work as well as guidance on emerging as a professional artist. Kind Aesthetic, you gave me the tools needed to begin the process of refining my work, finding community and presenting my work in a professional manner. I know I've said this before, but you've literally changed my life."  – Jason, visual artist

"I really enjoyed working with Andrea and Sara. They gave me important feedback when I was redesigning my website and rewriting my artist statement. They are attentive listeners and as a result were able to provide thoughtful responses to my work and help me clarify and work toward my professional goals."  – Christina, visual artist

"I benefited from working with Kind Aesthetic by learning some new tools and sharpening up some others to push my practice and career as an artist further.  While being a sounding board, Andrea and Sara provided helpful insight after reflecting on my needs from my practice and career.  Together they helped guide me to not only help clarify language around my work but to create effective changes to my presentation via my website and social media outlets.  These changes have already begun to facilitate more exposure." – Rachel, visual artist

"I got in to Skowhegan. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you."– Andrew, visual artist

“Andrea and Sara are professionals in every sense of the word. Patient, honest and insightful, they helped me to clarify and strengthen my thoughts and writing surrounding my studio practice and art career. The DELVE toolkit not only gave me a starting point but a structure that I continue to work from. Make no mistake, I didn’t enjoy the writing assignments but I grew to understand their value. Writing and word finding is work for me but just whining about it wasn’t going to improve things ... only hard work will do that. You simply have to put the time in. Many thanks, Kind Aesthetic, for helping me to focus and organize all the peripheral stuff so that I can ultimately spend more time in my studio, doing what I love most.” — Kellie Murphy, visual artist

“I’ve been working as a professional artist for five years. Recently I had a new idea for a small creative business and I knew realizing it would mean taking my work in a new direction. I felt confident about the creative part of my new project but less sure about entering the world of retail commerce and marketing. Sara and Andrea are smart and talented and had experience in branding, web design and photography—the areas I most wanted guidance on. They gave me great assignments and helpful feedback, and supported me as I honed my idea. Sara and Andrea offered an effective balance of practical guidance and deeper conceptual analysis that was just what I needed to help shape my business in a way that is authentic and compatible with my practice as an artist. The thinking I did with them about my new project carried over into my established art practice as well, and helped me refine my artist statement and website. As an artist I think the biggest challenge is learning how to communicate with the public about what you do, but Sara and Andrea are artists themselves so they have a unique perspective. Kind Aesthetic created a bridge between the studio and the challenge of representing myself to potential supporters of my work.” — Rachel Kroh, Heartell Press

"The DELVE Toolkit is a very sensible, smart way of helping artists because it makes the artist step back and analyze his or her own practice and put it into words. I think many artists don’t give enough weight to the importance of being articulate when it comes to writing and talking about their work. Working with you made me look at and write about my artistic practice in all its aspects.  I feel that I have a much stronger elevator pitch and ability to talk about my work after doing the DELVE Toolkit." – Roxa Smith, visual artist

"I needed outside input on how to articulate my work both verbally and on paper. I was struggling to find a common thread in my past and present bodies of works, making my artist presentation convoluted and preventing my career from progressing in the direction I desired. Now I feel much more confident about my artist statement and what my work in general is looking to do. I have a set of actions and achievable goals. As a result of the DELVE Toolkit I have a large amount of clear, cohesive writing I can simply plug into my applications.

Having worked in the career development department at an established art school, I've explored all kinds of artist career development books, videos and events. If you are looking to be spoon-fed 'career success' speeches DELVE is not the place to go. The DELVE toolkit is both a guide and sounding board that is tailored to your specific situation and requires you invest your own time and critical thinking - allowing for actual problem solving and actual results."  – Kat, visual artist

"I had been having a problem putting my artist statement together in a way that was both insightful and personal. With the DELVE Toolkit, we worked together week by week on different aspects of my art practice. Although writing about myself can be difficult, I can truly say that I’m extremely satisfied with the outcome. Andrea was articulate, sensitive and insightful. We covered changes to my website, scheduling, organizational skills, social media marketing as well as my artist statement. Truly thrilled with the outcome, I would not hesitate in recommending this service to any of my peers." – Deborah, visual artist